Poem Hunter
(February/'47 / Connecticut, USA)


Poem By Lawrence S. Pertillar

That is all that is left,
You now can offer.
When your lips were needed,
To stop the heat of greed that fed...
You denounced a noncomformity,
As something those doing it would dred!
And here you are,
Being closed in...
By those who deceived 'you' instead!
That's all that is required from you right now!
You have proven,
Like sheep...
Misfortunes thought were mine,
You believed you would never reap.
Has been designed to keep you mislead!
Now a sacrifice shared is weeped.
No one cares...
Tears from your eyes now you shed!
Keep it...
As a sacrifice!
That is all you have left...
Tossing and turning your life,
Into a premature death.
With a shortened gasp of breath!
And with deception kept...
Your treasures hoarded,
Will quietly from you be swept,
As a silence bleeds...
From those who willfully allowed,
Themselves to be bled!
Self-righteous in rejecting those...
As you watched their hunger,
And homelessness spread!
It's your turn...
To find no place to lay your head!
Isn't that what you expected...
From those you said,
Were too low of life!
And denied them you did...
Of a fight to keep,
Their human rights!
That's all that is needed from you.
No one cares what your objectives are.
You have already expressed...
Your selfish point of view!
And silence from others,
Comes to light!
As your plight is witnessed...
And subdues you to drown,
In standards that leave you...
Sinking underground!
Is that clear?
That is all those who have survived,
Your sick conflicting inflicted nonsense...
Have chosen to dispel.
And from you...
Silence is all,
One wishes from you to hear!
With a peace released that swells!
No one but you,
Appreciates your created hell!

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