Poem By Abby Sowers

Silence curses this world
Empty words flow like a river
Blown away but a whisper of wind
No more is the sunset described,
In a Story or a poem
Or even a sentence
One useless, one empty word is used instead
Such word means little to this world
Spoken with such frequency
The meaning is lost
Not many things are simply Just beautiful
You may find this harsh
You may condemn me as harsh
But I speak truth
People are so careless with words
A simple misplaced word can break a heart or even kill someone
If asked to describe a sunset
What word will come up?
Most would chose beautiful and think that good enough
But what about colorful, magical
There are so many words unused
So many other colors in the rainbow
How would you describe a knife?
As Dangerous, or a weapon?
What about Protective, or stained
So many words are out there
Lost to all eyes and ears
And instead we are sent into silence
And it is silence
That fills this empty air.

Comments about Silence

You have anlized silence in a nice manner. Love it.
real power. strong words. and the silence.... sometimes its deadly. if u get what i mean
I like this - words are powerful. This serves as a reminder.

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