Speech is silver
And silence, they say, is gold.
But when bitter words remain
Till they are forgotten,
Duels and wars remain
Till the reason is forgotten,
And peace remains
Till the humans evolve,
Silence seems
To be more precious than even diamond.

by Jasbir Chatterjee

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Jasbir ji, you have described the swings in which the speech and the silence leave their marks on our psyche. Passing through the life's upheavels, the silence adds to its value and turns gold into a diamond. Beauty of the words and the force of the expression makes the poem unforgettable. Greatly impressed.
this is full of life and wisdom....bitter words unuttered, duels and wars unfought...peace untouched...I think you have a great knack of diving deep into self and then detaching yourself only to observe it.....amazing poem....I have a poem called BEYOND....pls read it when you have time...
nice one jasbir, silence is the finest tool to attain Inner-Silence, dear......
And absolute silence should not be misconstrued as a sign of dumbness...or cowardice....may be tact and timeliness...Humankind's great souls over the centuries have spoken....and the wise ones listened.. I know that at the 'domestic' level, this may look too ponderous...but the essence remains..So thanks for sharing Jasbir. Cheers. Subroto
Respected Poet, Savant, It is very rare to express and expose to silence. Yes, silence is penance. Silence is like a wave of joy, carry and cares for the inner journey! Yours poem is so sound and profound... God bless You! My website: If time permits & prevails please feel free to sign my guest Book. Thanking you, Yours truly, N.K.OSHO
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