Hope is the sweet, sweet scent
of flowers in the morning
Hope is the cool gentle breeze
on a warm summer's day
Hope is the knowledge of stability
from a son in mourning
Hope is the bright shining light
keeping darkness at bay

Hope is the calming warmth
during a cold winter
Hope is the determination
of an athelete on the track
Hope is the potential
of a newborn baby
Hope is the love
between you and me

Hope springs eternal

by Krantol Northic

Comments (3)

Very enticing imagery depicting the beauty of silence in the beginning before man came and ruined everything. Really great poem, feelings of serenity flow beneath the rhythm of your poem, calming my spirit.10+++ Thank you for sharing. RoseAnn
Thanks, Amy. I had my doubts about it, but you've restored my faith in Silence.
This poem is absolutely amazing! You really get across the atmosphere of peace and tranquility with magic, definately your best