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Poem By David Mitchell

Silence is what was before all else was made:
Before it was cut with the words 'Fiat lux'.
Silence is what we both lack and need,
We need to stop doing and learn how to be.
Silence is what we do not really know;
Be silent. You are silent, and what do you hear?
Silence? No; 'tis the music of nature you hear.
Become part of the cosmos: leave chaos behind.

(Saturday,5th November,2005.)

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David, I'm the last person to be saying this, as an antiquated sonnetteer, but you have a penchant for traditional terms like 'tis'..it signals your style unfairly as 'pastiche', or 'retro', when in fact your diction is otherwsie relativelt timeless. 'It's the..' will change the rhythm of the line only slightly, and actually give slightly less emphasis to that term. Would you consider it?