Evening Walk

Aimless mind slap bang
Coated out to spring
Dressed up, bear body hiding
Set out the old road along

The bus or the tram
Unless may be the train
To right or the left no plan
Time and space came

The side where I belonged to
The tram was on way from left to
Undecided space came think to
Opened the door just get into

Passengers were on seats
Passersby were in streets
Seemed to be direct targets
Looking at their end points

Planned and minded among
Blank and aimless I am
Getting down one by one
One and only in I am

Reverse way to the direction
Same as the tram to go again
Waiting for till times come
End or the beginning no aim

Passengers were on seats
Passersby were in streets
Driver is on the seat
I am also on my seat

All they know their aim
I don't have a plan
Left or the right same
Just for the pass time

by Udaya R. Tennakoon

Comments (6)

Beautiful simile for silence, for in silence we find peace within ourselves and silence avoids confrontation - no wonder the Rose reigns as Queen of the garden
i agree with C. P. Sharma, you must be good with songsinging.
You sing so well the superb poetry of their silence. Really ecstatic. CP
awesome poeeem <3333...
A beautiful simile for silence. In the language of flowers, this one speaks without sound. Warm regards, Sandra
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