The song of heart - - 10

The silence thou bestowed on this vacant heart for devoutness of this wingless being is fatal now.
The borrowed stillness it seems to me and pain burdensome for the towering flow of life.
The down- going flow of life to be one with
greener that opened eyes newish and sweet,
I wish to be one new to life.
The silence is killing for the aloneness
and tidal overmuch flow,
The new world is ahead and far from beloved, the pearl of my empty heart.
A fresh embrace full of pulsating love and careful thought with mindful empathy
Will sprout the seed into my rooted self.
The seed of nothingness will assert it's
Mysterious face taking a part of thee ending the cycle of life.
Let me sink under the heart beat of absolute
Joy or sorrow or beyond the order of thought.

by Prabir Gayen

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