Poem By Dillan Courtright

Shrouded and quiet
He stands in silence
He searches for nothing
For he knows no one
Dark and cold, all alone
All hes known, silent darkness
He doesnt move, never lingers
Here he stands, in the silence

Like a statue of marble
Carved with beauty
He doesnt crave, never wonders
How it feels to love another

Entombed by his demons he is sealed
Frozen in time he is turned to steel
Chipping and rusting, he begins to weather
Until a crack appears, breaking the tether

A shadow paints itself among darkness
And the statue creaks in the silence
The sound reverberates in the hollow
And the statue awakes in the grotto

He hears a voice, he hears the birds
He hears the water, and how it roars
He hears the wind, he hears the storm
He breaks the silence and cant take anymore

The silence his home, now destroyed
He opens his eyes awakening his mind
He sees the meaning of beauty for the first time
He looks upon the shadow and feels its design

As he moves, the statue crumbles
He reaches out, his knees tremble
He feels fear and doesnt know why
His tears fall into the night sky

She stands before the crumbled statue
Seeing man concealed within the stones
He peers through the mask and silently wonders
He sees her shadow and hears the looming thunder

The silence is broken, the statue has crumbled
The darkness is torn, the ground ripped asunder
Silent and frozen, dark and cold
Together they forge the land and mold
Their own perfect world, in the silence

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