Poem By to those who wonder what life is about

The annoying silence
that seems to find itself
into every conversation
leacing yourself to wonder
what to say next,
what to tallk about,
what to ask and how to say it
when to say it
and while you are thinking
the silence that was short
has now became longer
and more awkward.
you find yourself wondering
If you should leave or stay.
the eerie silence brings
many questions,
many ideas that you create
and only you can break
the long silence
with your words or ideas
so break the silence
of awkwardness and talk!

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A Black Rose Wilting From Within

Can you see the black rose
sitting there in the field
all alone among other roses
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A Section Of 8

I'm in a section of six guys
and only two of us girls
The section leader
has either something funny or has sarcastic

Like A Sister

we are the best of friends
we keep each other out of
trouble, or we at least try.
I'm a shoulder for her to lean on


I'm addicted to the
sweetness of chocolate.
I love they way that it
melts in my mouth.


Craving for your eyes to meet mine
in the light of the day and night
even though my heart melts
into a puddle of water


I seem to have my own
way of talking
for things don't seem
to be what they are to me.