Silence A Soft Caress (C)

Investing belief in words repeated - we are one,
sweet to my ears & beautiful to my eyes seeking
symbols for ideas to assign a sacred meaning to
everything - the body’s only a vehicle interacting
with earth reality to recreate everything regularly

We’re not a body just as electricity does not be-
come the TV-set presenting a programme; when
sets are calibrated perfectly they relay a hidden
meaning in the lives we chose before birth - and
the universe appears a spiritual event recreated

By the Soul-Gestalt through musical scales which
reverberate in emotion and feeling; life might seem
a nightmare of pain, suffering & disappointment we
leave behind when dying; yet the truth is real being
remains joyous in higher spheres, only a small part

Is channelled into illusions which dissipate when we
enter spiritual dimensions; human life’s a classroom
to learn wisdom and we are never alone, we can ask
angels for help when lost, anxious & threatened - we
find joy when going within to our inner sanctuary to

Find God’s Love Supreme where thoughts stop and
the sweet silence turns into a soft caress which shall
be channelled into inspiring messages strengthening
love, proving belief always results in manifestations-
we have this space within filled with energy by which

We can live in unconditional love & acceptance sans
judgment, setting neither preference nor requirement,
sending forth feelings of contentment with everyone
like the shining sun delighting in everything equally…

by Margaret Alice Second

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