Most Longing Desire

Dreams are the souls most longing desires
And every night I dream about you
I don't dream of being the queen of an empire
I only dream of us being one, not two
My mind wanders far and wide
But no matter where it takes me
You are always by my side
And it's becoming more and more frequent lately
The worst part of my dreams is always the same
Its always the instant I wake up
Thats when I realize you aren't here to stay
And that my dream just wasn't enough
It always hurts at that time
The tears don't cease to fall
It takes me about an hour to put on the mime
That I'm okay with everything, and I'm happy through it all
I wish my dreams lasted forever
So we could be together for eternity
But that won't happen, ever
Because you don't feel the same about me


by Lil Love Goddess vs. Angel of Death

Comments (2)

For 'THEE' is the, 'Silence' of SOULS, Those Conscious, And Unconscious, In Deep 'Silence' of, Undeterred Meditation! a fine religious philosophy.......... the Almighty and Thou.......... thank you dear poet. tony
Such a lovely representation of silence...10 ++++