Silence Complete [rev]

Even my thermostatically endowed colleagues
complain about the heat, asking me how I cope
less thermostat controlled bodily temperature; I
feel anger rising in my throat - & wearing a red
top the words flow as if from a sore’s opening:

I feel like killing them all - everybody involved in
useless air-con systems, blood flows, red blood
everywhere - these well-bred, kindly colleague
sophisticates softly laugh, enquiring in dulcimer
tones what would happen to our building

I’ll blow it up I acidly reply, being sorely riled by
their gentle demeanour - while a Conan’s blood
flows in my veins I’ll blow it up, fires will destroy
everything; being the sister of Attila the Hun and
daughter of Queen of Hearts always shouting

‘Off with his head’ with the crazy wildness of an
Indiana Jones, I add - I’ll blow the whole country
to smithereens - ring in Armageddon, being the
sixth horseman in my red shirt with whip to lash
out at the Valkyries if they rush in; silence reigns

Making me regret my words, but I feel all the better
for describing the destructive effect of heat - 35°
Celsius and more - - the silence is complete…

by Margaret Alice Second

Comments (2)

OMG Woman! If this poem had been marked as by Anne Sexton I would not question that authenticity! You are a poetic goddess dear Margaret Alice.... Please find your way free of the cocoon swallowing you...
Making me regret my words shared here with wonderful imagery form wise humor definitely. Interesting poem shared....10