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An Autumnal Simile
(04 October 1943 / Germany)

An Autumnal Simile

Poem By Victor Marie Hugo

Come out, come out, wherever you are
are you clever and shout happy drinks in the bar?
I've been looking for you in the closet ten times
even sang all our songs and those nursery rhymes,
no avail you have left, and my heart is aflutter,
I'm reduced to be swept like old leaves down the gutter.
Here I go, as the force sucks my soul down the drain
and I wave all my limbs but it's all been in vain.
Off I go, holding tight to the Devil's own wings,
to a faraway place where no nightingale sings.
I shall stay there and pray, though it breaks all the rules,
as I hope you will join me and the rest of the fools.

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Comments (3)

Ted, are you sure? She came back (had to stretch her legs she says) and we are here for the duration of at least one cycle extraordinaire. Tara, you are wlays welcome and we shall serve you tea or lemonade, to complete the serenade. Best H
If you're going to continue to come out with entertaining (yet thoughtful) titbits like this, I'm coming to join you immediately.... :) t x
I learned a long time ago that what goes in the closet has to come out...LOL As always I enjoyed your humor.