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Silence Interrupted

No more do I stand alone,
Then yesterday our woes belong.
No more greater my eyes have seen,
Every day we can pretend.
For some, it's a heap of shattered dreams.
With others, well, they are just plain mean.

Their misery comes with their troubled mouths
Little do they spare as their lips do utter.
No truth, no convictions-their words are sputtered.
It's all too easy-for I soon discovered.
To watch them lurk amongst the innocent with their heads held high.
And we go on with our day and we never asked why.

The eyes have seen plenty.
Our courage has suffered.
Can this world get any tougher?
I walk amongst all this madness,
With each step follows much pain and sadness.
Sometimes, I feel helpless.
This is the life that I breathe.
It doesn't take much to misconceive.

Our silence will be our punishment and the battles will lie within.
God, please lead and protect us from all this unhappiness and sin.
Tomorrow, if it comes and I am blessed to awake,
Let no evil our will partake.
Ease our worries and our pain.
Allow happiness and gladness with each day bringing no disdain.

For at the end of the rainbow,
May not be a pot of gold.
When this world is over,
In heaven, will be our souls.
As this poem finds its end,
Another one will begin.
Our silence must be interrupted,
To allow our hearts to contend.

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