It Ends With Twenty One

A sweet essence of rose,
Reminds of our promises,
Our love forever bound,
No matter challenges, we will cross,

You are my inspiration,
On my little ambition,
Hoping love that can make us one,
Even though we had a long distance relation,

The sparkle of your eyes,
It goes through my heart,
That gives me hope,
That gives me strength,

Every moment we shared,
Every time we spent,
And every laughed we made,
Is such a beautiful scenery's i ever seen in my life,

The promise of forever has gone,
Whisper of wind, I felt, Alone,
Because our love has already done,
It ends with twenty one,

by lex angeles

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Try and translate it into English or another language.
I am moved by this brilliant piece of work that addresses a very sensible issue....a very timely voice against social injustice happening in many different parts of the world: Shout when suffering from the illegal law enforcement/Tell the world when a tyranny is brainwashing and fabricating facts/Tell the world when an autocratic regime is pushing its hidden agendas/Tell the world when rich rogues are buying conscience.....i appreciate the brilliant expression! Thanks for sharing!
It is vibrantly obvious that you are passionate about not reporting what you witness or what violence has happened to you. When a poet feels strongly his poem shouts from the roof-tops. 10
As geetha mam had told, The crime should never be encouraged. Even the juvenile crime is getting higher now a days. Nice poem.
Yiyan, this is a poem that is bold yet beautiful. Crime is a crime, it cannot be hidden or encouraged. It is not only the person who commits the crime is at fault, but also the persons who silently watches it. The human suffering has to be voiced and condemned. Very well written Yiyan.
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