Silence Is A Deafening Scream

Silence is a deafening scream
Piercing the heart that waits,
Tearing the mind at the seams
A subtle torment but great.

When uncertainty cuts deep
In the absence of any reply,
There's a void in sought-for sleep
Silence, withdrawn answer to 'why? '

It may triumph over conflict,
The usual recourse of the wise,
In response to those who inflict
Insult through charades of lies.

Silence is the path of the soul
That retreats to its fortress of peace,
Where emotions and thoughts control
The time arguments must cease.

All rights reserved ~~~Cynthia Buhain-Baello~~06.14.15

by Cynthia BuhainBaello

Comments (1)

Very philosophical and mind cleansing, if one cares about it. Well known though. Still, find some freshness when read again in the poem. Nicely crafted poem.