Silence Is Golden

Chip... chip... chip... CLUNK!
There falls another piece,
Careless words fly through the air.
The mighty chisel fiercely breaking down the wall of mystery,
Unearthing all that makes!

Here goes another chunk.
Do you even care to whom you speak these diamonds?
Or are they splinters of glass? One never can be sure.
You whisper these truths so flippantly nobody notices
That you're handing over your treasures,
Though X was never marked on any map.

Choose your confidant with care,
There comes no pleasure from tossing loaded words into the air,
CLUNK... CLINK... CLINK you've turned gold into copper,
You can hear the hollow emptiness... Hell
You'd be better off in silence!

by Jodie Hardy

Comments (2)

This is a majestic piece of wisdom woven into wonderful verses. I think this poem deserves a great ten.
Choose your confidence with care because silence is golden. Beautiful poem shared on.