AOO (13/03/1989 / Igun, in Ethiope East L.G.A. of Delta State, Nigeria)

Silence Not Dead

Birds, dancing on a bush path
Their drummers in the bush near
They dance doom's day's dance:
Drummers won't stop, for they mean death

None could stop them; not even the swooping eagle.

Now heavy, the sky is, with clouds
And we say "it shall fall."
It shall fall, but in form different!
These dancing birds must stop
Else, all must go!

Unsafe the jungle is, and for this,
The god of thunder must speak
For too long, has the heavens silence kept
Leaving the phrase "HE IS DEAD! "

Look out!

For amidst this cloud, the wind shall blow
And while the wind blows
Lightnings shall follow
In the midst of the lightnings shall He speak forth!

Agbadagbruru shall sanction His wrath
Thunderbolts and burning sulfur shall attend his words.
On her feet, the earth shall tremble
And the drummers must for dear life, flee.
Them shall the fire blazing through fields and forests consume
Only true stones shall live: mortal or immortal.

Yet in these, I say speak forth, oh god of thunder! 

by Abednego Oghenechovwiere Omashone

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