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Silence Of The Early Morn...

In the darkness...
In this silence of the early morn,
i find my peace.

It is in these waking hours,
first moments of the new day,
that i find myself.

For an instant, the world around me,
that deafening, never ending machine,
lay in silent slumber.

At last, my journey begins,
one taken so many times before.
I travel inward.

To my place,
my haven of safety,
my one true sanctuary.

It is there that i find my strength,
my courage replenished,
it is sanity resides.

Hiding from the pain, the hardships,
the trials of yesterday,
it is there... i find me.

Readying myself,
to begin life's journey anew,
preparing to face another day.

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This is 'keeper' on my list! Perfectly done...I think your thought process is remarkable. Great spiritual perspective.