YSV ( / Wales, UK)

Silence The Earth

There’s something in the way
Your heart beats,
And you lips move softly,
Silently caressing the words
As they dance across the page.

The words that cut a deep
Across the evening sky,
A deep
Through the orange sunset,
And bury the secrets in the waves
That crash around us.

We are pioneers,
Dealing with the victims of our
Emotional weakness
For the first time.

The marks on your arms
Where I held you so tight
Glow red in the twilight,
With my neck craned up to the sky
I scream for an hour,
In hunger for all I saw
As I sat upon the fence.

Now it almost makes sense,
As we lie upon the cooling sand,
Stretched out, I understand
How this goes.

As the darkness grows
Around us,
Between us,
I pick up my sword-
I will fight for this,
Are you ready?
I will die for this moment.

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