Silencing The World

Hearing vibrations of music beyond reality, listening to
it's instinctive native beat pounding along inner pathways.

Always going into the farthest reaches of intellect, giving
new perspectives and beautiful visions that no one else can

So interesting, fascinating, exploring realms of an ever-
lasting symmetry of rhythms, spread out before sight.

Tantalizing and alluring, giving feelings and sensations
of intense rhythms.

Silencing the world as it brightens imagination, bringing
it into depths of wonderful peace and serenity, calming
down beings, taking them into a land of contemplation.

Never wanting to leave, no escape from this wonderland of
wisdom, always picking up spirits and being held safely
and preciously within it's grasp.

Welcoming and giving an energy never before felt.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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