Friend, Wake Up! Why Do You Go On Sleeping?

Friend, wake up! Why do you go on sleeping?
The night is over— do you want to lose the day
the same way?
Other women who managed to get up early have
already found an elephant or a jewel...
so much was lost already while you slept...
and that was so unnecessary!

The one who loves you understood, but you did not.
You forgot to make a place in your bed next to you.
Instead you spent your life playing.
In your twenties you did not grow
because you did not know who your Lord was.
Wake up! Wake up! There's no one in your bed—
He left you during the long night.

Kabir says: The only woman awake is the woman
who has heard the flute!

by Kabir

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Sorry, Lenshen; I'm budded from that other rose; that smells as sweet, they say.. that country stock pushed off their land into the mills - and to this day they bear a grudge deep in their souls - a sharp sense of historical injustice; warm hearts; but edgy folks... not like those neighbour tikes who stand so firm on their own land as if they owned it.. do you wonder that we hate you so like only neighbours can?
Is that a Tike Accent I hear there?