Silent Bystander

Poem By Sara Amidon

I'm a girl sitting in the corner, a big, dark, shaded spot
silently looking on while her friend is getting shot.

A boy watching on while his mother's getting beat
he's to small to stop it, to scared to even speak.

A friend who has been put down to many times to count
watching another good friend getting knocked out

Well i don't want to be that kid, that friend, girl or small boy
i don't want to live in silence, i know i have a choice
to stand up for whats right and to squish all that's wrong

But for now i guess i'm that silent looking bystander,
trying to do no wrong.

Comments about Silent Bystander

This is a great poem and its great that you are not a silent bystander anymore. well done
i loved this sooo much! ! i know how yu feel, but im not the silent bystander lol...Kaila ox.
Sara, you have the making of a great poet in the future..I will stand by my word.. Now, keep on have that many questions inside you to have it expose in the open..I know, i was like you before in my younger days.. this is a wonderful write, again, Sara
great write. really like
well written :) keep writing.

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