SWJ (January 10 1939 / Bolder Colorado)

Silent Dreams

I met a traveller a teacher he said....
Raised by a carpenter in place called Galilee
He told his lessons were all about life
About freedom from the endless troubles and strife.

That living in this world he surley present a way
to teach us to 'Love' was his mager intent.
Hope for all the oppressed people of this earth...
With out pre-judgeing them on their place of birth.

This preacher with compassion deep in his eyes
Peared into my soul, right past all my disguses.
Seaming to understand the fear behind each mask,
This teacher sure had all right question's to ask.

With time....and hope...I too could learn to cope.
What triggered deep inside me, starting that very day
Were reasons to live again, the reason to love again
and to hope.

Day by day almost step by step or so it seems.
Relief has been mine, from my world
of silent dreams

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