Silent Eyes

I’ve seen before
many beautiful eyes
amazing and mesmerizing eyes
deep penetrating
loving eyes
admiring and unforgettable eyes
lying and lifeless eyes
crying eyes
bullying eyes
boring eyes
dying eyes
annoying eyes
dangerous eyes
happy and peaceful eyes
not once but many times
but I don't know what to say
about these silent eyes
who don’t seem to blink
in front of my eyes.

I keep staring back
to challenge these eyes.

I can hear my heart pounding louder
silence screaming like a thunder
the room feeling icy and colder
making me feel
to hide under the cover
but I keep staring hard
to see some wonder
then I saw my reflection
in the center
I want to stare more now
in these silent eyes much longer.

Perfect eyes.
Tireless eyes.
Patient eyes.
Silent eyes.
We all have a chance to stare back to perfect eyes;
if we choose to handle the challenge of what we see in such eyes.
I am thankful to see myself once again in these honest eyes.

Thank you Lord for the message in these silent perfect eyes.

© 07 April 2011

by Gelila A Gobena

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An excellent well crafted and poignant write! 10+++ Keep it up, you got the talent! Hope if time permits, you have the chance to read and enjoy the poem titled: THOSE GAZING EYES! Love and Peace for always! ...