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Silent Faith

We all do it and just like that
It needs no judgment -
Searching for a niche in the dark
And sometimes, during late night
You can hear a moan
Or even more,
A faint note of some heavily sweet scent

The ritual has begun -
Timeless within time
Mindless within mind
The beggars doing it in commune
To beat the cold north wind...

We all do it and sometimes together -
Not like love or hatred,
Unlike likeness and charm,
But being called upon
By a wild incense to befriend
A moment's silent joy -

We all do it and just like that
We all - on summer nights like these
With a dog's howl and a cat's cry
And the welcoming heat
Rips our reasons apart...

We all do it and the heat
Flows down below,
Down between our legs,
Slowly making its way through the blood
In silent faith.

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‘Timeless within time/Mindless within mind’…beautiful lines …enjoyed Voted 10 Ms. Nivedita UK
A silent faith in your silent faith made me read those unpromising threads.........