JL (March 19,1994 / California)

Silent Is A Room

Silent is a room
that was filled with laughter just moments before
present is the gloom
as she knows he won't be there anymore
hopeless is a face
that was held in the hands of a decent boy
empty is the space
inside her heart with the missing joy
cloudy is a sky
in which she longs to see the shining sun
quiet is a cry
she makes as she prepares to run
vacant is a park
where she walked with him some time ago
flying is a spark
of a memory as she turns to go
trembling is a hand
that reaches out to the lonely ground
slipping is the sand
through her fingers as her life spins around
bleeding is a heart
like so many others of its kind
leaving is a part
of her that she has ached to find
coming is a day
when she will look at him and just let go
distant is a way
to look at him and let him know
fading is a song
they both loved along the way
remembered is a wrong
that could never be made right anyway
silent is a room
and he won't stay.

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This is beautiul! Very creative! I love it!