TMG (NOV.13,1994 / medicare)

Silent Love

looking at you from afar
makes my heart beat race, like a car
seeing you sweetly smiling
makes me wanna feel like playing
looking at your face when its lightened by the sun
makes me happier, i wanna run

wishing to have a talk with you
and confess my feelings for you
but i know it couldn't be possible
even smiling at you is impossible..
even if you already know i feel for you
i dont know if its true but
i know you wont like me like the way i do

seeing you talk so sweetly to another girl
makes my heart break
and it will continue to ache...
i feel like my heart is bleeding
its your love that im needing...
i feel like crying but no tears would come out
still my heart continues to ache
i know sooner or later its gonna break

at first i thought it was okay to just look at you
and admire you from a distance
i thought i could get rid of you
and erase you from my mind..
but pictures of you
keeps flashing on my mind
i dont know how to stop liking you...
so as for now, i'll silently and secretly love you

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