Silent Love

He glosses over me,
He lingers on her smile,
His eyes say the words held by his tongue.
I stand aside watching, waiting
My mind screaming
The stillness of my body desperately crying out.

He hugs her
They kiss each others cheek,
My eyes brim with tears
my soul is in agony
my voice lost with pain that cannot be expressed.

I can't move, i want to run, to flee,
My mind, blank as a paper,
My thoughts...... a million,
She turns and smiles at me,
Hatred swells yet judgement calms,
'Hi' a voice said.

All Eyes on me,
i had spoke,
He walked towards me,
Held my hands, smiled
Kissed my cheek and hugged my body,
The silence understood, the mesage sent
and love walked jealousy to the door.

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