Silent Love

I knew it then, for I could tell.
Twas Silent Love in which I fell.

A painful choice for Heaven's sake.
And one no man would like to make.

But I was torn in part, you see.
By beauty, charm, and destiny.

I gathered up and off I went.
As if compelled to my torment.

And greeting there, my love confessed.
I made a simple child's request.

But thinking now of her and me,
I guess it was as meant to be.

A love the angels sing in song.
It's in such love I do belong.

A timeless chord from up above.
A sanctified and Silent Love.


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I liked this poem... good write
very balanced simple fluid and absolutely unlaboured very very nice...the ease of it is far removed from the tumult of love itself great post english is not my mother tongue... i learned it an earned it i feel at least in this poem your and my style match...ofcourse i aspire to be just as good..... the effort shall continue i started writing poetry in 1973 have to my credit poems in urdu, panjabi and a single one in arabic tc saadat
Your words are always a reflection of a beautiful heart and soul. I find you write with such grace and beauty and always from the heart, such a rare treat.
'A timeless chord from up above. A sanctified and Silent Love ' - rarely to meet such words from the heart, the words of silent love and passion at the same time.Your poetry has a grand feeling very rarely to meet in general, and it makes your style truly unique.Thanks for sharing, Greenwolfe. A.
Yes. We should know to turn our dejected love into a graceful one like this on reflection. This is positivism. There is a similar theme handled by me in 'Yours affectionately'. You may read and comment.
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