Silent Love

I send this kiss "X" to you.
Like the whispering shifting sands
Like Fountains of water
Nurturing for ever a
relationship of Love.
Across life's borders.
I send my Love to you.
Like the mountains, those
Guardians of life itself.
Like the soft misty air,
Quivering along the Hillside
so vivacious and energetic.
I send my thoughts to you.
Like a warm melting wave.
Like a Ship of Peace,
heaving on a heavy swell
Reaching out for the shore line.
The Pulse of Love all around you.
I send my dreams to you.
Like the Garden of Echoes.
Like simple heartfelt inscriptions.
Such eyes, so Sapphire Blue.
A mischievous wind abounds,
and softly, sighs with Love.

by Edward Walker

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Perfect. Love is peeking out from between all the vowels AND the consonants. Like it very much. Of course we need more now.