Silent Night

Oh silent night. Hear the asphalt dropp under your feet. See the Crooked Cops haunting every street, in the Silent Night.

Now divorce or marriage, I can't tell the difference anymore. Might as well leave my keys by the bedroom door. Might as well call it sacred, might as well call it a rhyme. But I'm glad you made it, kid your right on time, in the Silent Night.

Now the Vampires won't hurt you here.
They're not looking for blood,
They're looking for fear,
And it's fear I took,
Picked it from the tree,
and as the flowers bloomed they made a ghost of me
In the silent night.

And now I stand before the jury, with my name swinging from my sleeve, and they tell my I will never sleep, and I said thats ok, keep my dreams close to me in the silent night.

Oh bitter youth,
you chose right
when you chose to leave me outside
with my cigarettes
and my candle light
in the Silent Night

Now the Junky wants to take my life
And who am I to tell him that it ain't his right
Raises his bloody fists, at leasts he's ready to fight for his time.

Because what you say, you said time is money, and money is time, and the devil weeps 'neath the frozen pines, and the songs grow ripe on the trembling vine in the Silent Night

And you say what for the day, the lady's day with their beads shaking 'round their pretty heads, and the diamond day is gonna be alright, so let us make our way through the Silent Night, through the silent night.

by Audrey Stephenson

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Love the way you hide your story! !