What Do I Do When...

“What am I supposed to do when Im in love and crazy about this one guy and yet
To me it looks like he doesn’t even like me one bit?
Is it that I should just give up on love completely and never again love someone?
Or do I just stand back and watch from the distance as the one I love hurts me deep
Inside? I mean all my life I have been standing back and just letting whatever happens
Happen and all the while I cry about it and yet still do nothing about it all cuz I (think) I love him? ? ? ? Maybe its not love. Maybe it’s just a crush and I think its love. I don’t know what it is but I really like him and I only put up with the pain cuz I like him.
This is where I say…”love and life are like two stones getting tossed around…it doesn’t
Hurt until it hits you hard.”

by Kasi Navadomskis

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i am a nerd that is for sure the rest not so much
I am sorry to disagree with Dave Rainbow, but this poem was written by Dante Gabriel Rossetti, not by Christina. The error is in also printing it among Christina's poems at PoemHunter.com. If you search any other poetry website, you will find that it is attributed to the brother, not to Christina. It is also found in numerous collections of poems as being written by Dante Gabriel Rossetti. I taught the poem many times as an English teacher at both high school and college levels. As to which is the greater poet, I consider both of them to be extremely talented poets. Dante Gabriel was much more prolific, and I think that he wrote more first-quality poems than Christina did, but her smaller output contains some brilliant pieces indeed. I dearly love both of them. This poem illustrates the influence of D. G.'s experience as a painter, showing his attention to environmental detail and the sense of color and of dark and light. He was also a highly emotional person and, I believe, had as great a depth of feeling as his sister did.
It is very interesting to me that this poem is also found on this site attributed to Dante's sister Christina, and that when attributed to her, the same poem gets 4.7/10 and not 9.4/10 as it currently does here. It saddens me that this scores twice better for her brother, who I am quite sure was incapable of writing this. There are relatively few well known female poets, for whatever reason, and yet in my opinion Christina is the best poet ever, bar none. She was a consdierably greater poetic talent than her brother, better technically and capable of deeper feelings; at times the most passionate poet to be found anywhere. There are only three reasons I can imagine for not giving this 'ten': - It contains some poetic idioms from its own time that some modern readers may find hard to relate to. - Some people will not be familiar with the depth of passion that Christina was familiar with, imagining it to be a physical rather than an emotional or spiritual phenomenon. - But in my case the only reason for not giving this a ten would be that 11 was allowed instead. Yet since I am sure that this was written by Christina, I have given her the ten, and not voted here; this is not Dante Gabriel Rossetti's work, I am quite sure.