MA (03/23/88 / Oaxaca..)

Silent Pain

These love notes.
Do I write in vein.?
The letters addresed to you.
Will you open them.?

No one can hear my silent pain.
The one that cries a violent cry each day.
Cant you hear it.?
This old tired heart cries out for you.
My silent pain, my silent love.
These internal tears hold the truth.
They reflect my inner bieng, My silent pain.
I only find more trouble to come my way.
Why must the shadows hold much of my confusion.
Is there another.?
Have you come across one who you desire.?
Does he love you the way I do.?
This is jelousy and confusion.
These tear me apart from the inside out.
Its my silent pain.

I am looking into your eyes.
Hoping to find the doors to your heart.
I see how you keep him company.
While you leave me out in the cold.
I guess maybe im just stranger.
Who came around just for a visit.
Maybe he is the one worth loveing.
Too many obstacles my way.
Could this all be a sign to pack my bags.?
Maybe I should give up on love all together.
I have spent my days searching for you.
Waiting for you to come.
I fear to walk this path alone.
So I sit and wait for your support.
This is my feelings.
This is my love.
This is my silent pain.

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It's a painful poem... Very heartfelt...Nice poem.