Silent Scream

Outside you see me smiling
And floating through the day
A little tired, a little thin
But overall okay

But you don't hear my anguished thoughts
Which surface every night
They plague me, haunt me, and torment me
‘Til I'm to weak to fight

And so, next day, I come to school
With deeply shadowed eyes
I smile, laugh, and speak on cue
Living a pack of lies

A silent scream echoes inside
Reaction to my lie−
‘Til with no warning, it erupts
And I crumble down and cry

Come find me, help me, make it stop−
No! Keep out, go away!
For if you come, I’ve no control
Over the words I say

Can't you hear my silent scream?
Decipher what I hide?
So come and ask me what is wrong,
Come sit down by my side

If nothing else, then please read through
This tangled web I weave
For you are really not the one
I'm trying to deceive

Help me− I don't know what I want
I’ve lost my guiding light
Please hold me, let me cry, and say
Somehow you’ll make it right

Perhaps, deep down, I know what’s wrong
What keeps me up awake
What is the source of all my tears
And ever-there heartache

But not yet can I face it
Or maybe I just won't
Please, someone, help me understand−
God only knows I don't

by Payyton Egerstaffer

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Flawless, Payyton. One of your very best. Nothing to add, but that this was phenomenal.