Silent Scream

T'was not the heart that made her cry
Just something lost when tears ran dry
And there was nothing left
To cry for except self

For all the years she wept in vain
To men for truth to their disdain
And not one cared to say
It's yours dear seize the day

I've tried to help her in this town
Of evil beggars with king's gold crown
And shining wicked smiles
Seen much for many miles

Take heed my friend do not fall prey
To smokey dens with feet of clay
On shifting floors of sand
Tricked to a winning hand

So few have seen her cry those tears
She's stood so tall for all those years
So brave so strong so true
Not once could we undo

Could be she stands for liberty
Or good and just humanity
Those who have died know well
If heaven may be hell

Blood poured from veins and wounds cut deep
Sometimes shallow to make long bleed
For pain is brought to bare
And some will never care

And if we fail in this new course
Of rights and wrongs barbaric force
Lambs that have lost their way
On spit o'er fire today

I've seen them beg to spare their life
The sons daughters dad mom and wife
But all to no avail
So soon you hear their wail

Tears fall tears flow just like the blood
No one is saved from this new flood
She speaks no word it seems
I've heard that silent scream

by Gary Revel

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Wow, I feel like I saw a little bit of every woman...and then I thought of our country, and the liberty that we have, and all the loss, 9/11...all the mess, the wars that we have all cried for...feeling no one sees our own individual pain, you, have though! An awesome poem! Regards, Theodora Onken