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Silent Scream
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Silent Scream

There was a child within my womb
Whose life I truly longed ot share
But choices clamored to be heard;
There were others about whom I did care.
And though my heart within me bled
The voices of the others won.
And I sacrificed that precious life,
The life of my never, never son.
How often the silent scream within
Says, 'I never will see his smile,
Or share with him, or hear his laugh,
Or glow with pride as he masters a trial.'
The scream grows louder and fills my soul
With longing mor my never son,
Whose life I selfishly tore away,
'Too bad, ' you say, What's done is done.'
Bit it is never done, my friend,
The never son is in my heart
But he will never say, 'I love you, Mom.'
Or give me a hug or a kiss as we part.
He'll never have a little dog, ]
He'll never run or sing or play
Or have a best friend or a favorite toy,
And he'll never have a fiance'
He'll never feel the warmth of love,
Or feel a tender, gentle kiss.
He'll never know I wanted him,
All these things and more... he'll miss.
My silent scream is heard again,
Through understanding, hopeful tears...
It cries for you dear fearful friend
For your silent-scream-filled-years.
'Don't do it, please! ' the never son cries
From my heart to you.
Oh, turn to Christ, and He will be
The Son who's always true.
God's Son, who'll see you through...
Provide for all your need!
Dont' sacrifice your daughter or son,
Take Mine instead, God does plead.
I gave Him just for you!
My never son, will never know how long I wept for him,
But I know the Son who died for me, and took away my sin.
Choose Him, and you can keep your child and Live
With love and life and joy and peace always yours to give.

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