GL (June 1988 / England)

Silent Sin

The Silent Sin, you can not see
It knows no bounds
It does not care for the lives of others
It creeps and hides from all eyes

There is no way of stopping it
Decieving and weaving a wicked web
Reality does not need be considered
It covers and camouflages the permanent marks
That it places just beyond your blind spot

Silent Sin can be discovered
It can be uncovered by the unsuspecting one
The one who can see deeper than one or two weeks
Of webs

Silent Sin corrupts, it disguises
The 'moral' with a yellow smile
It makes you believe and forces you
To understand
Silent Sin does not want to listen or see the truth

But Silent Sin gets scared
Its only cryptonite for the villian
Is it being shown and announced
To the many listeners who were once
Trapped by its unforgiving masquerade

So you could say the silence of your sin
Has been broken, its loud enough for
Even the most furthest away but closest
To the heart can hear
But it still leaves you with the sin
That has eaten away at not just you
But every ripple that was instigated
by your first stone cast

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