Silent Snow

Poem By Ashley Maurer

Why are some things so hard to be said?

Days go by as I stare out my window
A single snowflake falls
I sit by and watch it pass without a word

Like I do so many other times...

So many fleeting thoughts I wish could reach you
But only the azure sky receives them
Words as pure as the white rose
But only wilted by the shadow of rejection

But is such a shadow really upon the rose?
I do not know
Fore there is another darkness
That keeps these words from being told

Only the sky can shed light over this darkness
Because it has welcomed the rose and heard the story
It knows the pain of a withered heart
and carries the words on the wind
Hoping to find the one the white rose is meant for

Always deceived by fear and hesitation, I will wait
A reflection that isn’t mine stares back at me in the glass
My side smiles, but the other will not
Why is it so difficult...?

One smile...

One laugh, fades to snowflakes against a breaking heart...
I could say it all now to this awaiting refection
To the image of the one who the words are thought for
The one with a hidden smile somewhere in his heart, but...

A single snowflake falls...

A lonely tear joins in it’s descent...

...But the sky is the only one who would hear it...

Comments about Silent Snow, truely emotional. I felt that, so deep and exceptional a poem, awesome!

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