The Place

The place of green dreams
Under darkened trees
Shades upon green grass thick
Foretells the pleasure bliss may be

A place that flows forth
The contentment soft
And thrusts like violence
Dissatisfaction dark

The darkness under the thick trees brush
Shadows cast on dry rotten leaves
I sit and ponder its beauty much
As my hopes, my dreams
Bring birth pangs such

Green and black the colours blotch
As an end in either possible be

I ask my Father to feather my mind
To focus thoughts back on the right kind

As natural beauty of green black and brush
So such my life an ebbing gush


by The Light and the darkness

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Comments (2)

Beautiful poem! So spiritual! Silent soul that sings and dances. As a classical dancer, i fully identify with these lines of deep wisdom......10
This is a beautiful philosophical poem having touching expression and nice collocation. The theme of the poem is nice. Thanks for sharing.