Silent Voices - Heartbroken Sounds

This dismal day dissolves before me in every way, an
anniversary of Mom's deathly birthday.

An oppressive silence continues day and night, never
seeming to fade away.

This balance of life has already turned over and buried
itself half way between heaven and hell.

Nondescript facades march constantly before me, parading
their cadaverous grins, staunchly on an endless pathway
of deserted hopes and dreams.

Finalizing proofs of yesterday's blatant existence, falling
prey to insistent cries of death.

Called beyond this life by heartbroken sounds of silent
voices, betraying promises made just yesterday.

Joining Mom on another plane, reaching for a whole new
destination, surrounded by the intellect of ineffectual
therapeutic endeavors.

(2: 02 p.m. - 7/24/95)

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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