Silent Voices Touching Poems

Solitary figures gathering in ocean tides, allowing them
to take everyone wherever they will in life.

Surprising escapades, falling into pastimes of this mind,
occasionally moving sideways towards an opposite horizon.

No worries, knowing that all will be alright in the end,
living in depths and energy of beautiful fields and
forests of nature.

Fantasies begin falling into dreams of a new tomorrow,
fulfilling promises of beginning times at the birth of a
new day.

Insanity, never touching my mind, because it's too full
of ideas and thoughts, pushing everything else out and

Always being prepared to write the best, and presenting
them to the world to critique and comment on.

Loving all voices touching the life of every poem
with their words of meaningful purpose, justifying all
reasons that I am here on earth right now.

by RoseAnn V. Shawiak

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