Silent Waves

The Water Beckons To The Shore, To Me
It Calls Me Like If It’s Alive And Living
I Stare At The Moonlight Beyond The Sea
I Know The Water Is Life And Giving
So I Step In The Warm Mellow Water
I Step Further Down And I Start To Swim
I Feel The Temperature Get Hotter
I’m At Rest And I Start To Sing A Hymn
However, I Feel Something And I Frown
I Felt The Water Get Cold, Nonetheless
All Of A Sudden The Sea Pulls Me Down
I Try To Swim Up But It Is Useless
I Call Out But No One Hears My Distress
For The Sea Is A Dark And Cruel Mistress

by Bernardo Hernandez

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Comments (2)

Beautiful sonnet and like a beautiful hymn in rhyme
I called out but no one hears my distress. Nice work