Silent Words

' I don’t love you anymore',
you said
multiple times
hurting me with each silent word.
Was loving me ever even a choice?
I did not make you love me
You made me love you
Why do you refuse my love now?
Is it because you saw all my flaws,
my ugly, ruined, and worthless flaws?
Or is it because you found a better lover?
'Yeah, that’s it',
you said
multiple times.
'I love her, not you.'
I get it,
I do.
But you said it in such a way
that makes a river want
to fall off a cliff.
'Just leave me alone.'
I will,
I will let you be at peace.
Just explain why I am no longer worthy
of your love…

by Chaotic Life aka Curly Mer

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worthy of your love, good write, thanks.