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Silently, So Silently, Maybe
MF (6/30/70 / Washington DC)

Silently, So Silently, Maybe

Poem By Marcea Flowers

Turning the little pages of the morning
I am just learning what forever may be,
That all of us are at least secretly in love
and in love all of our lives
silently, so silently maybe
not really holding a piece back,
letting everything come and go:
sunshine, storms, snakes, nightmare,
clods of lipstick-colored earth...
You never change, you watch me from your
fourth grade picture, surrounded by immortals,
taught by a nymph who walked through a tree's heart
One day, after school, when the sun was too bright...
I love you like lambs and brontosaurus
I love you like the crackling leaves in a strong breeze
Like killing a leopard with only
a swiss army knife
And returning to you from the womb of faraway...
Our eyes are our cars at the
perfect rates of speed
our hearses through the sky to each other: yours is stalled somewhere, perhaps
just for another fortnight,
others have come and gone,
in vinyl and rayon,
in pink mums and hot cross buns
others as beautiful as you, as fresh to
the taste of memory, and you
travel in the best company
some nearly visible, some unrecognizable,
at first, seeming like a god
and then
even better!
Yet, it is your holiness that tells me:
Come kiss, taste all of my wines,
go, miss nothing in your exit,
niether tears, nor pain,
nor that basic craving,
in cellular prayer.....
watch the green husk in my hand
silently so silently maybe
any write your
red carnations.....

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Comments (1)

Wow! Marcea! The very essence of LOVE wonderfully and well describe in this poignant write! Definitely, Poetry is in You! Keep it up and give us some more! 10+++ God Bless You! Love and Peace for always! Romeo from NYC...