Silhouette Against The Sky

I stand proudly as a silhouette against the turquoise sky
People gaze wondrously as they walk or drive by.
I come in many varieties with exquisite designs to share
The splendor I display is perfection beyond compare. The season of Fall is a most picturesque time
The array of colors I unfold creates a palette sublime.
I believe a country drive would be simply an ordinary fare
Without the elegance I am always so eager to share. Besides providing beauty there is a reason for my days
I am known to be resourceful in a number of ways.
I yield a bountiful variety of fruit available to all
The taste is delectable and each carries a distinct call. I invite you to come to the park on a warm summer day
Without charging a fee, I offer shade for picnics or play.
I provide a refuge for the birds where they feel safe at night
To an adventurous child learning to climb, I bring delight. I couldn't imagine how I could furnish more pleasure to man
Than being a tree with its versatility known through the land.
I'm sure you'll agree no matter how hard people tried
They couldn't create anything that could win such a prize.

by Jean Blome

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