Silk Or Satin?

Most men in my life have
a favourite desire
One particular guy who I’ll repeat
Said “ Silk baby.
Wear it if you want to and
knock me off my feet”
He was Gay I discovered later
In a night of hot foreplay
For the only thing he clung to was
my soft silk negligee
Well, satin has been more
To my liking
Wearing teddies and rolling
In sheets of sweat
But my loves, (who have been mostly women
And seduced by satin in their youth)
Go slipping and sliding against the covers,
Through the groaning and moaning of the night.
And the memory all those torn up teddies
Testify to the pleasures at that height.
I can remember silk and satin flowing
when I answered a call from my boss
I was to attend a meeting at a hotel in town.
On arrival I was offered a drink that I accepted
and found that silk, satin and a crowded room
gave the saying bad, bad girl a new, meaning
as it was not long before the only garments
being draped on bodies were
the silk and satin sheets
Ah yes, I know just what you mean,
Bad girls and satin go well together.
Add some booze and the flesh is willing
To see what’s with those satin sheets.
Add some silk and you’ll soon be riding
Your reputation out into bliss,
Of course silk and satin were made for pleasure,
Definitely not something that you want to miss.
When satin and silk slip through your fingers
it’s really quite hard to stay on the bed
Often you find yourself clinging tightly
to their softness as you lay down your head
You grab on frantically as loves touch embraces
and your very soul yells yes yes yes
Then you slide as satin and silk go falling
and your heart is wrapped in a soft caress

Sandra Osborne and Janice M Pickett
from the collection 'The pendulum Swings'

by Sandra Osborne

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Reads OK until the last(J stanza.) I changed it on my site. just to give it some variety..... Hugs Jan
Wow Sandrice, now I've cottoned on, you've left me all drip-dry and minimum-irony!
Well written. You make me remember the silk and satin sensations of my youth. Oh well. Rusty