(04 October 1943 / Germany)

Silly Boys Against Rhyme

Let us welcome the past and embrace the old masters
see Herr Goethe and Schiller and rhyme,
not the modern, incompetent line-breaking blasters
of a silly and empty new time.
One replaces the old if the new can be shown
to be better for angels and man
write your free verse and praise all the talents you own
just remember, so few of you can.

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The older writers had more descipline but us poets reflect the times
Herbert, I believe you needed a comma after 'masters', and surely your line 'Herr Goethe and Schiller and rhyme, ...should have read...Herr Goethe, Schiller and rhyme, and maybe a comma after 'old'. A period after 'man'. Capitol letter for 'Write', and a comma ater 'verse'. I don't know, you rhyming poets are so bloody sloppy.