Silly Lily Pads Don'T Cry

Silly lily pads soaking the sun and having fun;
Green as a dwarf chasing the wind;
Their elephant ears show spring is near.
They will soon be engulfed in rain.

Silly lily pads sparkle and have fun.
They say: give it to me one more time!
They prance, they dance, they sing,
Will you be mine tonight lily-white?

Then all is quiet, they know the season
When they must multiply.
Filled with the season of the stream
That gleams and ovulates.

Everything that is green,
Begins with a new seed that germinates.
A message from the stream
That the new journey of life is on its way;

Singing hey baby, don’t cry!
Won’t you take me in your arms tonight?
Will you be my valentine tonight?
Will you give it to me just one more time?

Silly lily pads don’t lie:
They prance, they dance, they chlorophyll;
Singing hey baby don’t cry!
Will you be my valentine tonight?

by Ray Allan James

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