Silly Me.

I don't know what made me telephone my mother last night
and tell her that I wasn't wearing any underwear.

Thankfully, she thought I was just some pervert
making an obscene call, and not really her son.
So she hung up.
So there I was in the living room,
naked from the waist down, holding my phone.

From absolutely nowhere, I suddenly found the resolve
to stop lazing around.
I straightened my shoulders,
got to my feet,
pulled up my socks,
went to the kitchen and took care of that
whole stack of dishes rotting in the sink.

My mother called me this morning to tell me of a
strange, weird, perverted experience she had last night;
but I laughed it off, brushed it aside,
told her she was getting senile.

She said she felt a bit guilty about calling me
so early in the morning for nothing;
and I, silly me,
I went and said I felt guilty too
about calling her so late last night.


by Simmon Tan

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Haha i Absoulutley love this..